grading criteria

There are basic expectations that any supervisor or project manager would have for a project undertaken by a multimedia design or usability specialist. All of your assignments must meet the following minimum basic standards to be considered for a grade of  “C”  or better. The project must be:

  • completed according to the assignment specifications.
  • completed on time.
  • free of typographical, grammatical and mechanical errors.
  • completed so as to evidence a clear grasp of multimedia production and usability standards and design concepts.

Your storyboard and final project assignments also will be evaluated for:

  • news value
  • presentation editing decisions
  • architecture of information presentation
  • aesthetic design choices
  • creativity and innovation
  • usability
  • audience analysis (storyboard 2 and final project)
  • written justification of design decisions (final project)
  • written listing of assets (final project)
  • written timetable for project completion (final project))
Your usability test (partner/group assignment) also will be evaluated for:
  • quality of the user test script and testing materials.
  • interpretation of test results.
  • clarity and focus of written usability report.
  • effectiveness of usability test results presentation.

Your overall grade for this course will be based on the following components:

  • Design exercises (in and outside of class)  (10%)
  • Storyboard exercise #1 (structure a site) (10 %)
  • Aaron exercise (information editing and design) (10 %)
  • Storyboard exercise #2 (simple storyboard)  (10 %)
  • Storyboard exercise #3 with pitch OR  Final project (pitch plus storyboards and writeup) (30 %)
  • Usability and eyetracking test, presentation and report  (30%)

design exercises

From day one of the class, you will be learning to work with Adobe Illustrator to ultimately create sophisticated  professional designs. These exercises are intended to help you practice design techniques so your skills constantly improve. In order to complete these assignments correctly, you will need to keep up with the reading and lectures during class and also with your assignments to view lessons to learn Illustrator techniques.  More particulars about each assignment will be given in class.


Twice during the semester, you will be asked to complete simple storyboard assignments. With your first assignment, you all will be given the same assets and be asked to complete a big-picture flowchart of the site as well as a home page design.

For your second simple storyboard, you will be asked to redesign an existing project. In this assignment you will determine a target audience for the presentation and make design and delivery decisions based on your audience analysis. This assignment will require you to complete a big-picture flowchart, annotated panel designs and a written audience analysis. (See sample at:

Both these assignments are intended to prepare you for your final project storyboard that you will work on during the second half of the semester.

usability exercise, presentation and report

Your ability to understand the value of usability testing and execute a valuable study is essential to your success in this course. During the semester you learn to conduct usability research and will be evaluated on your ability administer a study and report on it.

Your assignment from this segment of the course will be to work with your partner/group to develop, conduct, analyze, report on and present a user test on

More specifics about the requirements  will be provided at the time of assignment.

final project

Your final project will require you to act as the executive producer and lead designer for a given multimedia presentation or one you propose. For your chosen scenario you must:

  • Compose a written content and audience analysis of your publication and develop a specific angle for your piece. (about 2 pages, double spaced)
  • Create a written, comprehensive inventory of all digital assets needed to complete the project. (about 1 page)
  • Compose a written proposal (about 2 pages, double spaced) outlining how you will utilize the time and talents of your seven-person team*. Each team member is expected to work about 80 hours (two weeks) on his or her part of the project. Your team consists of:
    • one researcher/writer
    • one still photographer
    • one illustrator/graphic artist
    • one audio specialist
    • one video specialist
    • one multimedia programming specialist
    • YOU — the multimedia design specialist and team leader
  • Plan the big picture for the overall presentation by creating a detailed flow chart.
  • Create the design of all key nodal points (minimum five) in the presentation using a graphic design software program (Illustrator). You can utilize sample images, graphics, logos, etc. to convey concepts. All aesthetic choices and typography must be your original work. Pay special attention to creating innovative ways to tell your story. All designs should be submitted in PDF form.
  • Incorporate the key aspects of your package as part of the seven-minute pitch you prepare for this class and JOMC 720. Focus on what makes your project different and innovative. You will give this presentation via videoconference.

*NOTE: If you are proposing your own project, where you are the only person working, provide a timeline for how the project will be completed by a deadline you propose. The goal for this part is for you to set up realistic expectations no matter what the size of the staff.