description & policies

course description

This course will introduce you to six basic areas of excellent multimedia design and help you develop expertise in their application. They are:

  • News value
  • Information editing
  • Information architecture
  • Aesthetic presentation
  • Innovation
  • Usability

By reading, viewing and discussing the writings and works of journalists, artists, Web developers, photographers, usability experts, graphic designers, educators and researchers you will deepen your appreciation for each distinct media form. By examining the latest eyetracking research and usability testing, you will assess the practical application of many concepts. Through critiques and original storyboards, you will work to expertly integrate all this knowledge into well-designed packages.

important policies

Simply put, attendance is required, participation is expected and deadlines are absolute. All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the specified dates.

It is expected that each student in this course will conduct himself or herself within the guidelines of theĀ UNC honor code. All academic work should be done with the high level of honesty and integrity this university demands.

organization of class time

Each class will consist of lecture/discussion. Some days will include lab time. In most cases students will use lab time to learn Adobe Illustrator techniques or begin an assignment that is related to the class material. Students should plan to spend additional time outside of class to complete these assignments.